About the Staff

We are very proud of our staff at Childworld Learning Center, Inc. The variety and expertise of their education and backgrounds makes them perfect for our learning environment. All of our staff meets certain requirements before joining our team, and the very first requirement we have for hiring someone is that they love to work with children.

Our staff will nurture and teach your child.

Our staff will nurture and teach your child. They are much more than babysitters and Childworld Learning Center, Inc. is much more than a daycare. We will endeavor to give your child a head start on learning that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

Some background about Ann Duncan, Owner of Childworld Learning Center, Inc.

Ann was born in Mexico City, but traveled and was schooled all over the world. From Mexico City, she traveled and studied in Brussels, Belgium, and for a period of time, she studied in Neuch‚tel, Switzerland. After this, she came to the United States and studied in Miami. Once she graduated from High School in Miami, she attended college at Miami-Dade Jr. College and studied in Madrid, Spain, before receiving her Bachelorís degree from Florida State University. Although Ann continues to be a student of life, as we all are, she has also formally studied languages, particularly French and Spanish.

After opening Childworld Learning Center, Inc. with 17 children, Ann has helped this center grow to be one of the best schools in the area, with 123 children enrolled.